3 Key Reasons Why You Should Manage Change Requests with Your Contractors from a Single Platform

Here are 3 reasons why you should streamline change request management with your contractors and make the most of the contractor force by managing them with a single platform.

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06 Sep 2022


3 Key Reasons Why You Should Manage Change Requests from a Single Platform

In a period defined by the acceleration of change and enabled by developing technology, most innovative businesses and organizations are starting to develop a new collaboration system. All around the world, innovation and business strategy experts are now advising more companies to collaborate with external companies and freelancer teams to stay competitive.

More companies are now choosing to work with multiple contractors as solution partners to stay ahead of the game. As a result, questions are arising, such as, “How do you manage them?" or "How can you design collaboration structures for effective project outcome when there are multiple partners involved in the project development?”

When you are working with external parties on a project, you should ensure everybody is on the same page. Using a single communication platform holds the key to success by preventing misunderstandings and drawing a clear road map.

Here are 3 reasons why you should streamline change request management with your contractors and make the most of the contractor force by managing them with a single platform.


Easy communication to accelerate your productivity

When you have multiple parties working on your project, whether it be freelancers, in-house teams, or external companies, it can be a little tricky to keep all the communication running efficiently.

We know how frustrating it can be to lack control over which direction a project takes, as things often don’t go according to plan. Once you have a powerful change request management solution embedded in your project management tools such as MaestroCR, you won't have such troubles. You can track progress and communicate whenever you like. Keep in mind that it is better to overcommunicate than travel too far along the wrong path, with the subsequent need to make a large number of changes afterwards. 

In addition, increased connection with your in-house teams and interaction with your contractors helps boost team morale. By now, most organizations know that while customer experience is key, it’s the team members' experience that paves the way to a successful customer experience. Without a doubt, happy teams make happy customers!


Reduce the time and effort you spend on change requests

Managing and organizing several different people within a project is already demanding. When external contractors are involved, being organized and maintaining your control becomes even more challenging.

Management can be time-consuming and tiring in many ways when done inefficiently. Using a change management tool helps you build your projects on realistic expectations of time and effort, creating a transparent and positive relationship with your solution providers.

It allows you to view the status’ of your CR’s in your workspace along with information on their estimated and completed efforts together with their costs. It also enables you to work with external teams and partners in a secure space so you can achieve more together.

Once everyone in your company starts using it, it becomes the thriving hub behind everything you do; the one place with the most details about all of your CR’s. You will be standardizing every step of your projects and reducing the time spent on planning.


Make the most of an effective CR cycle

Improving the way companies communicate within their own walls is one thing, but when it comes to working with outside partners, we often fall back. This means more change requests to manage, creating barriers to getting work done quickly.

Starting from the request for a change to impact analysis, approval/rejection/revision to implementation until the review and approval, the whole CR cycle should work smoothly to achieve the best out of the projects. A sure-shot way to do that is by using the right change management solution. 

MaestroCR lets you easily select CR’s on a period, create your invoice based on your efforts and follow monthly efforts and invoices with its connected CR content so you can have full control of your change request cycle from suggestions to delivery.

Accurate and proactive change request management is required to keep the workflow of your projects on the right track. This helps you to keep each contractor in a single loop, even the largest ones. 

We know that managing multiple contractors from a single platform changes everything.

See for yourself and give MaestroCR a try today.


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