Managing Change Requests With Multiple Contractors

When you have more than one solution partner, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage change request processes in your projects!

Lena Software

19 Jan 2021
How it works?

When you have more than one solution partner, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage change request processes in your projects. In order to overcome this, you need to manage your communication from a single center and send all requests of your project in a healthy way. MaestroCR provides great convenience at this point.

After creating your project, you can start by inviting your solution partners to work with you. It is possible to add external companies, freelancer teams or in-house teams within your organization as contractors (solution partners). With this simple step, you can start to handle all teams in your projects from a single screen. 

You can then enter your contractors' man/day (or man/hour) prices. If you don't have any pricing (e.g., no pricing info needed for your in-house team), you don't need to set this up (or in some cases you have a project contract with fixed pricing, so you also don’t need to set this up).

  • You create your first project,
  • Add/Invite your team members
  • Invite your contractors

Now, you are all set and ready to enter your first CR using Maestro. And you can start to see the statuses of your CRs in your workspace with estimated / completed efforts with their costs.

With MaestroCR, you would have an ability to use your own project management tools. These tools are; JIRA, Slack, Trello, Asana, Wrike, Basecamp, Monday, Github and Gitlab. With the help of these integrations, MaestroCR can focus on the main problem it is solving: the CR management problem and your teams can focus on their main purpose: successful task completion. 

Now, there is no obstacle for you to complete the following CR processes in a very healthy way.

  1. Request for Change
  2. Impact Analysis
  3. Approval / Denial / Update Request
  4. Implementation of Change
  5. Review / Approval

After the completion of this CR cycle, you can easily create your monthly invoice based on your efforts in that month by creating a list from completed CRs in that period. You can easily follow monthly efforts and invoices with listed and completed CRs. 

If you haven’t start to use MaestroCR yet, give it a try and see it by yourself.

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